Why Join?

PASIC Industry Reception

Held in conjunction with the RWA® Nationals conference, the PASIC Industry Reception is a chance to mingle one-on-one with industry professionals -- agents, editors, etc -- over a nice meal in an environment conducive to conversation. Eat, chat, relax, and make connections.

PASIC Email Loop

The heart of PASIC - the place where members meet, share ideas, ask questions, discuss industry happenings, and network, day in and day out.

PASIC Basics

Our official quarterly chapter newsletter. Filled with market updates, editor and agent interviews, opinion pieces, and articles on business and craft that no one wants to miss.

Chat Transcripts

Online transcripts from chats with top-notch publishing and industry professionals.

General Information

PASIC is the only RWA® chapter open only to published romance authors with PAN status or who are PAN-eligible. Dues are $30 per year plus a $5 one-time, non-refundable processing fee for new and lapsed members.

PASIC provisional membership is open to all general RWA® members in good standing who are PAN-eligible with a contracted title yet to be published. Provisional membership may be renewed only once prior to publication.

For general membership information, e-mail the secretary <>.
If you'd like any additional information about PASIC, e-mail the president <>.

Thank you for your interest in the PASIC chapter. Click the below link to be taken to myRWA for the annual membership form.

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Membership Form #1
(New Members with PAN status)

Membership Form #2
(New Members without PAN status who are PAN-eligible)